April 7, 2024

Guest Episode 3: The Guilty (2021)

For our third guest episode we are joined by Kevin from K J and A Podcast to discuss 2021 crime thriller The Guilty after leaping from the last guest podcast with director Antoine Fuqua. An interesting movie, and a fun chat. We hope you enjoy.

Guest Episode 3 – Kevin from K J and A Podcast

THE Leap

How did we leap here?

Director: Antoine Fuqua

To: The Guilty

Chosen by:
Crew (Bryan)
Film (Kevin from K J and A Podcast)

 We leap this time with Bryan’s choice, director Antoine Fuqua, who has done a few interesting films, to the Jake Gyllenhall led The Guilty. An interesting film, almost entirely set in the one location. 

Where are we leaping to?

Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal


Chosen by:
Actor (Kevin)






Final Score

Rankings for Guest Episodes (so far)

  • The Rock – 28 / 30
  • The Guilty – 24.75 / 40
  • King Arthur – 24.5 / 30